Ensure A Wholesome Life After Graduation.
Join the Thrive Tribe, a community of thrivers creating the life they want after graduation
All the while making it look like a cakewalk!
Do Universities Fail to Prepare Graduates for the Real World? 
A meaningful and purpose-driven life that is unique to you cannot be found in books, algorithms, or lectures. 
A unique life needs to be created. 

Through conscious, constant, and consistent action. 


What No One Told You About Life after College

Are you stuck in a life that you didn’t create for yourself? Repeatedly asking yourself ‘Who Am I’? Feeling trapped in a job you don't want to be in anymore?

Life after graduation may feel like juggling 10 balls at a time - except that the balls are on fire, you have one hand, and the floor is lava!!!

Let the Unique U podcast be your other hand, put out the fire, and teach you how to juggle life after college without burning yourself. 

Each episode of the Unique U podcast is designed to help you identify who YOU are, and show you how to become who you want to be, regardless of whose steps you have been following. 

Every week, we invite fascinating impact-driven guests who will provide you with science-based actionable strategies for greater productivity, certainty, fulfillment, success, healthier relationships, the art of CHANGE, and finding meaningful work. 

You will learn the simplest way to build your UNIQUE roadmap for life. 

Ready to put out some fires and take charge of your life!?

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Is there a right career fit for you? 

Procrastination w/ Nic Voge

Why do you procrastinate on what matters the most to you?

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