The Ultimate List of Resources
For Graduates


Prioritizing wellness is often associated with yoga in dark heated rooms, extended periods of silence, and isolating from the world. But that is far from the truth, I have often been asked what tools, resources, and book I use to stay connected with myself in this modern world while finding inspiration, managing work-life balance, and cultivating good habits. I have put together this page so that you too can have a list of my all-time favourites and must haves! This page is frequently updated with my new interests and find, keep checking back and bookmark it for there is more to come!


I am an absolute book nerd! I know it is difficult to find time in our busy lives to sit, and dedicate the time read a book - page by page. But, the way I look at it, the authors pour their life's works, findings, learnings in a couple of hundred pages. Not only are they specialist in the field they right about, the authors' have dedicated their lives to building these studies, and we get a shortcut to their lives learning by just reading. One-page-at-a-time means living 1 month of someone else's life. 

"A non-reader lives one-life and a reader lives a thousand lives" 
GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
GRIT by all means, is one of the best books out there on discovering your passion and it proves to you how it is NOT too late for you to get started on your search to passion. This book completely transformed my life and changed my outlook on the power of consistency, practise, and hard work. Backed with science and psychology, this book is a MUST for all those looking for direction and passion in life.
The most popular and referenced book out there to optimal living I had consider it essential reading for anyone who falls under the category of 'human'! Simon Sinek proposes a simple yet thought provoking idea of how different our lives would be if we approached every idea, action, situation with the 'WHY' first. I don't want to givee away too much but the title says it ALL and it is definitely a must read if you are always searching for answers.
Strengths Finder 2.0
Have you ever wondered what your stregnths are and how you could best put them to use? I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of their stregnths.

 Information overload can be hard to navigate your way through. Not only does this lead to a feeling of overwhelm, it creates confusion around as to what to consume and what information to avoid. Essentialism helps you free yourself from the clutter and prioritize the absolute essential! 
You Are Awesome! 
This book is simple, fun, and easy to follow! You are Awesome walks the reader through 9 simple rules to a better, more relaxed, and intentional lifestyle. Neil talks from his experience and shares his story, you almost feel like you are talking directly to him! Give it a read and uncover the AWESOMENESS within you! 
How To Win Friends & Influence People
This book overdelivers what it promises and makes sure that you are able to lead and make friends by positive influence. Originally published in 1936, it is still one of the most popular books on finding authenticity in friendships and relationships!
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